Integrate traditional Romanian varieties in the world wine map

Integrate traditional Romanian varieties in the world wine map

Romania can be considered one of the biggest viticultural countries in the world, regarding both the planted surface as well as the wine production; the most important international varieties are perfectly adaptable here and, at the same time, we have almost ninety types of Romanian grape varieties.  

Still we are not yet famous globally. We ensured the quantity, we are working with passion on the quality aspects and we are continuously growing, but what about promoting our national varieties on an international level?

The most known Romanian varieties are rarely mentioned in the global wine discussions. Feteasca Alba, Regala, Neagra, Negru de Dragasani, Babeasca Neagra, Burgund, Novac, Galbena de Odobesti, Grasa de Cotnari, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Cramposie, Sarba, Plavaie and not only are renowned within the boundaries of our country, we are proud of them and consume them confidently, but they are still not visible enough in the world.

The masterclass Integrate traditional Romanian varieties in the world wine map will break the ice on this subject with an interesting meeting between the expertise of a Master of Wine born in New Zealand and raised in Great Britain and the Romanian varieties presented at the WineUp Official Selection. Peter McCombie MW is coming to Cluj-Napoca to meet for the very first time the Romanian producers, to evaluate the WineUp Official Selection, to make his own opinion about the quality of Romanian wines, to set his own tasting preferences and to present the best way in which Romanian varieties can be integrated and promoted in the international wine world. Easy, right?

The focus of the masterclass will be on the qualities of the Romanian varieties, on a comparison with other traditional international varieties (mainly from Italy, Spain and New Zealand with which our guest is familiar) and also on an open debate about how we can integrate and promote Romanian wines on the external market. Peter McCombie will try to anticipate the place of our varieties in the international HoReCa market, since he is a very good connaisseur of this field. With more than 20 years of experience in the wine world, with his Master of Wine title obtained in 1994 and with his own wine consultancy agency for hotels and restaurants, Peter McCombie is a quality benchmark in public speaking on any wine agenda. He regularly writes for Square Meal, Dorchester Magazine, Decanter and Sainsbury Magazine and he is member of the International Wine Challenge jury.