Dilema Veche, vinul vechi / 1 April, 20.00

Dilema Veche, vinul vechi / 1 April, 20.00

Dan C. Mihailescu at WineUp Fair in Transylvania Cluj-Napoca

A WineUp in the City cultural evening


WineUp in the City will have this year the mark of a very special event in the agenda set by the organizers. It is an encounter, for the first time in Cluj, between the editorial board of Dilema Veche and their special guest, the literary critic Dan C. Mihailescu.

We begin a new collaboration which we hope will become a long-term partnership between an event such as WineUp Fair in Transylvania - the most elegant and professional wine fair in Romania, and Dilema Veche - the most elegant and professional weekly magazine of ideas and culture.

Under the title „Dilema veche, Vinul vechi”, the editorial office of Dilema Veche will organize a discussion in the company of a proper wine glass about the relationship between wine and literature. An old story, this relationship is a long and complicated one. Wine has been a theme and subject for literature, an inspiration source and a creative input. Wine flows through the entire organism of our literature, offering it more and more charm. This will be the matter of discussion for our guests Friday night, along with live music: the Dionysiac charm of the wine literature.

Dan C. Mihailescu is ”probably the best contemporary literary critic”, according to Nicolae Manolescu. Known to the large audience especially for his show ”The man who brings the book”, Dan C. Mihailescu is a critic, literary historian and essayist with an impressive collection of publications. ”I am an essayist, a moralist, digressive, talkative, associative. I like to make my own show, to use text as a pretext for my frolic. So my natures is entirely that of a literate.”

Sever Voinescu is the new editor-in-chief of Dilema Veche. An attorney, diplomat and publicist, he was secretary general  of the Foreign Affair Ministry (between 1998-2000), general consul of Romania in Chicago (2000-2003) and coordinator of the foreign politics programme within the Institute for Public Politics (2004-2008). Also, Sever Voinescu is member of the Social Dialog Group.

Marius Chivu is a writer, translator and literary critic. Since 2005 he is editor at Dilema veche, where he writes literary reviews, and since 2011 he has been writing also for Elle magazine. He began in 2012 with a poetry volume Vantureasa de plastic (Debut prize of USR and of Observator cultural). He also published an interviews book Ce-a vrut sa spuna autorul (2013) and a travel book Trei saptamani in Himalaya (2012).

Wine will become literary at WineUp in the City! The event will take place at the Boema Restaurant, beginning with 8 o'clock, and it will be held in the company of the Dealu Mare wines brought by Davino. Access will be available only through invitations, for more information please contact us at or at 0749 265 715.

A cultural evening done with the support of our partners: Boema, Opera Plaza, Eximtur Business, Davino.