Find the perfect match!

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Find the perfect match!

You can find your soul-mate easier when you forget to look for it.

The ideal gourmet combination for YOU, the perfect match between a magical dish and an exceptional wine, your favorite pairing, is revealed with eyes closed.

WineUp changes the rules of an ordinary gourmet dinner!

Find the perfect match is a gastronomique plaisir project that challenges you to be a sensual adventurer in a blind tasting of four sophisticated cuisine and eight selected wines!

At Wok'N'Roll, on Friday night, November 3rd, at the clock "It's Time to Relax" (19.00), come to enjoy a different gourmet dinner.

No royal demands, with the pleasure of discovering along with other gourmets passionate about art and aromatic flair what is the best gastronomic combination.

It's a unique invitation to the world of refined flavors, where your intuition and your senses decide which is the perfect match!


Find the perfect match is a gourmet dinner featuring four dishes designed by Wok'N'Roll chef and eight premium wines carefully selected by WineUp masters.

The event takes place in an atmosphere of relaxation and socialization, exclusively for the joy of the senses. Each participant receives an evaluation sheet designed to identify the key elements of what must be the ideal perfect match.

The decision will be chosen according to what attracted more attention to the tasters, and the winning recipe will officially appear on as a pairing proposal for DIY @ home.

The event is under the auspices of WineUp in the City.

Cost per person 120 lei / The number of seats is limited.

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