DOC, IG, varietal wine, ratings or quality guarantees?

DOC, IG, varietal wine, ratings or quality guarantees?

Legislation and wine, are two concepts that at first glance don’t seem to have anything in common, however a law exists that regulates the entire process of production of the bacchius drink. This law can seem completely uninteresting, until the moment you are required to respect it, either as oenologist, consumer, sommelier, wine enthusiast or worker in the horeca industry. In the two sides of the wine world, the new and the old, besides all the differences in winemaking style, varieties, positioning and marketing, there appears a large difference in legislation, which is very strict in the old world – Europe, and one a lot more relaxed in the new world. As Romania is part of the old world, our legislation adapts to this system.

Up to here, everything is quite dull, the more interesting part appears when we wish to choose or to recommend a wine and we try to get all the information we need strictly from the label, information which is subject to the same legislation. It is hard to say whether the legislative rules influence the quality of wines, it is hard to say whether a wine from France, Italy, Spain, Romania is better than one from the USA, Australia, Argentina or Chile.

How do we choose and how do we recommend wine? How important are the DOC (controlled denomination of origin), GI (geographical indication), and varietal wine classifications?

Four oenologists from three wine regions in Romania will help us understand the classification of wines according to the legislation in Romania, and their relation with the quality of wine. We read labels, discuss and taste wines from all categories alongside : Oliver Bauer Prince Stribey si Crama Bauer, Marco Feltrin Petro Vaselo, Laurent Pfeffer Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu si Catleya si Ghislain Moritz Avincis